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Wintermint Lightning to USB iPhone Charger Cable

  • Wintermint Lightning to USB iPhone Charger Cable
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Excited about my new charger cable
Charges fast and perfect cord length!!


Gorgeous Wintermint Lightning to USB MFi Certified iPhone Charger 5 feet long, rugged and stylish! The braided fabric is durable and the connectors are reinforced with aluminum.
Our chargers are MFi certified by Apple meaning they are "made for iPhone/iPad/iPod" and each lightning connector contains a tiny authentication chip that lets your device know the charger is MFi certified.  We know you've purchased one of these knock-off charger cords before in desperation, only to get that warning message from your iPhone that lets you know that the charger wouldn't work since it isn't certified.  What a waste of money and effort! Worry no more - our chargers are certified and include a reinforced aluminum shielding on the USB and 8-pin connector which means they're also durable!
Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 5C, iPad Mini or iPad Air and iPad Retina.
Add a wall block power adapter for 2.5x the charging speed of regular chargers.  Our wall block is a 2.4a quick-charging power adapter that can be used anywhere with an outlet. Plug it in and charge your phone 2.5x faster than the wall block that comes with your iPhone. Our 2.4a block will charge your phone to 100% in under an hour. It works with any device that charges via USB, including: iPhone, iPod, iPad, GoPro, or any Android phone.