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PSA Essentials Island Palm Stamp

  • PSA Essentials Island Palm Stamp
  • PSA Essentials Island Palm Stamp
  • PSA Essentials Island Palm Stamp
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  3. Personalization
  4. Cart

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  • PSA Essentials stamps have a 1.63" diameter
  • The outer circle has a 55 character limit (This includes spaces and punctuation)
  •  The inner part has a 12 character limit (This is where your name, initial or monogram will be) 
  •  The more characters that are used, the smaller the font will be. We suggest using abbreviations for your state (2 Letter abbreviation) and same for your street (i.e. Rd., St., Ln., etc.)  
  • All ink stamps include black ink
  • One and Two color additional cartridges can be purchased for your stamp
  • Ink cartridges last for approximately 8,000 to 10,000 impressions.
PSA Essentials stamps offer the only switchable personalized stamp. Every stamp includes Peel & Stick patent-pending technology, allowing the design of every stamp to be switched with any other PSA Essentials stamp die for holidays & other special life events.  In short, you can save big by only purchasing stamp dies (for the holidays, birthdays or other events) instead of having to buy an entire stamp body every time. Our round personalized stamps deliver the cleanest, clearest, crispest impressions on the market.