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How To Spruce Up Your Day With Monogrammed Office Supplies

Posted by Melissa on 7/9/2015 to Monograms



Some days work can be such a drag. There’s just so many demands on your energy, and the work environment itself can just wear you down. All the standardized office furniture, the bland office walls, and those fluorescent lights that never. stop. flickering.  But monogrammed office supplies can be a bright spot in your day. It’s an opportunity for you to express yourself and see a little bit of your personality smiling back at you, even when the rest of the world seems to have nothing but sour faces to make at you.

Here’s how you can use monogrammed office supplies to improve your mood, supercharge your productivity, and increase your creativity.



Benefits of a Personalized Workspace

There are a number of scientifically proven benefits of a personalized workspace. Taking control over your workspace will yield big benefits for you and your employer

Reduced Stress

Being at work can be very stressful, especially if you’re in an open office where it seems like everyone is constantly looking over your shoulder. But personalizing your workspace can help you feel more in control of your work and your life. Monogrammed office supplies help you do that, as do monogrammed desk accessories. You have literally put your name on your workspace—you can’t get much more in control than that!

Improved Productivity

Closely related to reduced stress is improved productivity. People who have personalized their workspace can be 32% more productive than those who either can’t decorate or have someone else’s decorations. You just feel more at home, more at ease, and that helps you get more done. Make it more like home by having monogrammed office supplies just like you have monogrammed towels at home.

Improved Creativity

Your ideas don’t only come from inside you. They come from an interaction between what’s inside of you and what’s in the world around you. A boring office space leads to boring ideas. A more fun, more creative, and more interesting workspace will lead to better ideas. Check out fashion designer Tory Burch's amazing office space - talk about sparking ideas!


Image result for Tory Burch office space

More Investment

Being invested in your work helps you do better work. You’ll put more of yourself in work that you think of as yours, and your monogrammed office supplies can help with that. An idea written on a blank piece of paper could be anyone’s. If it is embossed with your initials—that is your idea, and you’re proud of it.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Space

Here are a few ideas that can help you get started designed your personal office space.

Make it Changeable

Something that seems creative today can get to seeming stale and old soon. Making your office space so that you can easily change things out will help you to enjoy a creatively decorated office not just today, but tomorrow and every day.


One easy changeable idea is just a simple whiteboard. Friends that come by can write things, or you can write inspirational quotes or just doodle.  Our monogrammed clipboards double as a whiteboard! Use it with paper to jot down your creative thoughts or use a dry erase marker to write directly on the clipboard & erase when you want!


 You might not be able to paint your walls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them. Decals are a great way to personalize your office space with your own personal logo. They can give a great splash of color, a twist of personality, and they’re fully removable.



Make a Fake Window

Ever wish you were somewhere else? A fake window lets you travel in your mind. You can put posters, pictures, and other images on the “outside” of your fake window, even if you have an actual window in your office.


Bonus: Make your “window” in a common poster size so you’ll have a good supply of scenery and can change it when you want. Find a picture you love online & take it to your local Kinkos or office store to have it printed quickly & for a low price!

Make Your Own Art

Let your creative side run wild and make your own piece of art. It’s guaranteed to be unique, and it will give you confidence to look at the wall and see something you made. Mixed media is a good choice, because you can juxtapose interesting elements easily if you have a good eye, even if you can’t draw or paint.  You can always watch Youtube videos for some great tutorials on how to create your favorite art work - even some amazing Lilly Pulitzer inspired art!



You can easily add creativity to your workspace with crafty items you made at home. A crocheted runner, a decoupage vase or pencil holder, or a homemade cushion for your chair can make all the difference.

 How to Decorate Your Space to Inspire Creativity

 Make your office your muse with these decorating tips to unleash your ideas.


Give Yourself Zones

 Try making your office into several distinct areas, one of which is dedicated to creative thought. This can work even if you just have a cubicle with only enough room for your one chair. Decorate one wall of the cubicle in a different style, one that encourages your mind to wander (your “window” will be good for that). When you need inspiration, turn away from your work zone and turn into your creative zone.

 Go Green

 Plants are a great addition to your office. Having plants in your office makes you feel comfortable and secure—and safety is an essential condition for creativity. Plus, your plants will surprise you daily with new branches, buds, leaves, and flowers. This discovery will help you unleash your creativity. Check out Pinterest for some ideas of great office-friendly plants.



Brand Your Space

Putting monogrammed desk accessories like a mouse pad, coffee mug,coasters, or koozie in your space reminds you of your unique identity. This office is yours. This work is yours. And it’s going to have your unique stamp on it.




Take Your Time


Even the most creative office design can become stiff and confining in time. Don’t do a whirlwind of decorating and then let your office stay the same for years. Instead, gradually add items and decorations, slowly letting your office evolve as you do. You’ll see different ideas and objects colliding, making new ideas come easily.

 Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

 Bold colors lead to bold ideas. Don’t let yourself be restricted to office beige and off-white. Blue, green, and yellow are especially good at fostering creativity.


 Be Sensual

 We’re not talking 50 Shades of Grey: we’re talking about trying to stimulate all your senses with your office decoration. Tactile objects can be great to help you get your mind going if you hit a wall, while tastes and smells help you keep working.


Dos & Don’ts of Personalizing Your Office Space

Do: Personalize your office.

Don’t: Violate office rules.

Do: Use monogrammed office supplies to brand your space.

Don’t: Overdo it. A little bit goes a long way.

Do: Use scents to stimulate your creativity.

Don’t: Make them so strong they bother your neighbor.

Do: Put up personal pictures in your workspace.

Don’t: Put up holiday pictures that may be considered suggestive, including pictures in skimpy dress (bikinis, for example), or with PDAs beyond a peck on the cheek.

Do: Let yourself be inspired by pictures in magazines and online about office decorating.

Don’t: Copy what you see—modify the ideas to make them your own.

Do: Display affirmations of your religious, cultural, or political identity.

Don’t: Display anything that may be interpreted as denigrating the identity of others.

Do: Let your workspace get cluttered—it’s helpful for creativity.

Don’t: Let garbage or old food stay on your desk—it’s unhygienic and disgusting.

Do: Listen and respond to any complaints people have about your office décor.

Don’t: Let worry about what others will think keep you from decorating your office as you want.


Monogrammed office supplies are a great part of your office decorating plan. They can help you make your workspace your own, unleashing your productivity and your creativity.