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Girly Car Accessories to Personalize Your Car

Posted by Melissa on 9/17/2015 to Monograms

Girly Car Accessories to Personalize Your Car

We love our cars. Where else do we eat, dance, hang out with friends, and sometimes even apply makeup? It’s not just our transportation, it’s our home on wheels. And why shouldn’t that home be totally fabulous? It can be—there are dozens of car accessories for girls that will make your car a place you’ll love to be. Caution: pretty soon you won’t just be using your car for commuting and errands—you’ll be looking for excuses to drive and your friends will always be asking for rides in your sweet machine.

Roll Up in Style

The outside of your car is what people will see when you pull up and the last thing they see when you drive away, so you want to make sure you’ve personalized the outside of your car to show your personality.

License Plates & Covers

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a statement with your car, then license plates and license plate covers are a great place to start. Everyone can use a license plate cover, and if you’re in a state that doesn’t require two license plates, you can put a custom monogrammed tag on the front—it’s a lot better than leaving the front blank.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a great means of expression. They can be political, humorous, or just stylish. There are thousands of options so you can find something unique for your car, and if nobody’s making just the right one for you, you can get it custom made.


The only disadvantage of bumper stickers is that they are kinda permanent. They can be really hard to remove, and that’s why you see people driving around with Bush/Cheney 2004 stickers on their cars. Magnets, though, can give you what you want from a bumper sticker with the advantage that you can remove it any time you want, and even change them up when you want to dress your car up or down.

Magnets come in fewer styles, though, and they may not always stick to your car where you want them.


Decals are like bumper stickers, but they’re designed to be used in a lot of other places on the car. They come in all shapes and sizes, from large ones that you can put on your door or hood to tiny ones that can go in the corner of your window. If you don’t like the way your car is too monochrome, a decal is a much less expensive, and less permanent, alternative to getting an airbrushed design on the car. Show off your pride in your family or even your state.

Antenna Toppers

Antenna toppers are an easy way to personalize your car. They have the added benefit of being easy to spot in a crowded mall parking lot, so if you’re the kind of girl who forgets where you parked, this is a definite plus.

The Lap of Luxury

Now that you’ve impressed everyone with your car on rolling up, it’s important that the style continues inside. And the interior is what you’ll see most of the time, too, so when it comes to really making your car your home on wheels, cute car accessories for the interior are the way to go.

Floor Mats

Floor mats protect your car from dirt and grime, but they don’t have to be utilitarian. They can be stylish, too, and help convey the overall style of your car. Monogrammed floor mats are especially cute and easy to get!

Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover is a great place to start. It’s really visible, it protects a steering wheel from wearing out (or covers one that’s already worn), and it can reduce the painfulness of driving a car that’s been sitting in the sun. And they’re usually inexpensive--$15 or less can get you some really cute ones on Etsy. Who doesn’t love a deal like that?

Seat Covers

Seat covers can change the entire look of your interior. They can bring a splash of color if your car is drab, and, again, they’ll help keep your car from getting too hot on a sunny day. Floral and beach themes are easy to get, but you can sometimes find some really unique ones if you know where to look.

Smartphone Holder

Your smartphone is perhaps the only thing that’s with you more than your car. Hopefully you’ve got it customized, too, and then it can be a perfect style addition to your car. A smartphone holder makes it easy to access, too, so you can use it while you drive (in a safe manner, like for GPS). Make sure this won’t be in violation of your state’s laws on cell phone use in the car.

Mirror Charms

The rear view mirror is a great place to hang some bling (if it’s legal in your area). A crystal or gem there can really catch the eye. It’s also at eye level so if you have a habit of talking to your car, you can put a charm there that matches your car’s personality and talk to it. (Is it an Olaf or an Elsa?) They can also be practical—if that last fast food run (or its aftermath) left your car a little smelly, you’ll really appreciate an air freshener.

On Your Person

Why should your car get all the fun? When you’re driving, you want to look fabulous, too. Here’s some cute car accessories that you can carry or wear so your style is just as great as your car’s.

Driving Gloves

People used to wear driving gloves all the time (yeah, that’s why it’s called the glove box), so why not revive this cool antique fashion trend? A pair of driving gloves is a great way to look the part (plus, you’ll look awesome pulling on a pair of svelte gloves when you get in the car).


Sunnies are a great idea for driving anyway—they can help you see better during the glare of the day. So why not choose ones that match your car’s style? Find a pair that really matches and keep them in the car.

Key Chains

Your key chain is an accessory you’re going to have on you at all times. Have one that really expresses your personality, like these monogrammed key chains.

When It’s Too Much

With all these car accessories, it can be really easy to overdo it. So how do you know when you cross the line into too much?

It’s your car, and it’s your choice. Don’t let anyone tell you that your car has too much style. The only exception is if you use your car for your job, such as driving clients to look at houses if you’re in real estate or if you do site inspections. Then you need to tone it down a little. But, otherwise, let your style show in as many creative ways as you want.

But if you ever feel embarrassed at your car, or if you’re reluctant to invite people in, then maybe it’s too much.

Keep It Fresh

Another problem with having your car personalized is that sometimes you get tired of it. You change sometimes, and your car should, too. So if something just doesn’t reflect you anymore, change it out. Most of these style touches are easy to remove, except bumper stickers, and even those can be removed with effort. So change accessories to reflect your style. Some things, like car mats, are so easy to change that you can have a good set for special occasions and use your everyday ones most of the time.

Also make sure you keep your car clean, inside and out. Nobody can see your monogrammed floor mats if they’re piled high with papers, and mud-spattered decals don’t look too great, either.

If you get your car personalized the way you like it and then maintain it properly, you’ll be much happier to drive, whether it’s your morning commute or for a girls’ night out.