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5 Ways Anyone Can Customize Their Phone

Posted by Melissa on 9/22/2015 to Monograms

What is the one thing you take with you everywhere? Your phone. It’s the first thing you reach for when you get up (even if it’s just to turn the alarm off), and it’s usually the last thing you put down at night (sometimes long after you’re supposed to be asleep).

And that can be a problem. You have different shoes that are perfect for every outfit and occasion. You have the right size and color handbag, too (and your boyfriend’s pockets for when you don’t want to carry any bag). But you have only one phone. That’s why you have to take extra special care when you customize your phone to make sure it fits you perfectly. You may even want to change it up for an occasion here and there.

And you can. Even if you aren’t tech savvy, there are ways to customize your phone just the way you want it—here are 5.

Cases and Skins

Phone cases and skins are the easiest way to customize your phone. Cases in particular are very easy to put on. Just slip the phone in the case, and you’re done. And you get your phone protected as well so you won’t have to worry about drops or scratches. Skins are a little harder to apply, but with a little practice and some patience you’ll master them, too.

Cases and skins come in hundreds (if not thousands) of designs that are available for both iPhones and Android phones. Just pick the right one for your make and model of phone that matches your style. The great thing about these is that they let your phone wear an outfit that’s appropriate for every occasion. You can have your everyday case that’s a little more expensive, but protects your phone most of the time, but pick up a few skins that you can use sometimes.

And if you can’t find ones that match your style, you can design custom monogrammed cases or skins. You can even upload personal pictures and get them applied on your case or skin.

Change Wallpaper or Lock Screen

Another super easy way to customize your phone is with the right wallpaper. With the screen taking up almost half the surface of the phone, changing your wallpaper or lock screen will make as much of a difference in the appearance of your phone as the case.

With the iPhone, you just go to settings and tap Wallpaper, then Choose a New Wallpaper. Pick the image you want and decide whether you want to use it for your lock screen, home page, or both. You can even get animated or live wallpapers to really bring your phone to life.

For an Android phone, bring up the home menu. Tap Wallpapers and choose which type you want. You can pick a single wallpaper image, a live wallpaper, or your own image by selecting “gallery.” You also have the option of selecting the image as being for your home screen, your lock screen, or both.


Ringtones are great fun. You get to have the fun of linking a ringtone to each friend, and you can either tell them or they can guess what you picked for them. You can pick a ringtone for life or you can change them to be the newest hit song that you totally love and will never get tired of (until you do).

To personalize your iPhone ringtones, go to Settings>Sounds. There you can set your ringtone and other alert tones. Setting a specific ringtone for each of your friends involves going to their card in Contacts.

To personalize your Android ringtones, set the default ringtone from your main menu, under the Sounds option. You can also set specific ringtones for each of your friends by finding them in your list of contacts, tapping them once, then tapping on the menu button. Under Options you should be able to set the ringtone for that contact.


Your icons come as either a boring set of buttons or as a stylistic mess that just doesn’t go together at all. You can get your icons to work together and be unique to your phone, though, if you want.

For the iPhone, the best way to customize your icons is getting a customization app that gives you the tools you need to get a new set of icons. Many of them come with new icons that are often themed so you can either switch to a completely new style set or pick and choose the ones you like. They may even have tools for creating your own. A couple of highly rated ones are Pimp Your Screen and Cuptakes. Cuptakes is an especially good one because it’s got a very girly girl flavor. The only disappointment: it claims to be able to make monograms for you, but it doesn’t know to put the final initial larger between the two previous initials.

Another benefit of customization apps for personalizing your iPhone is that they make it easier to customize wallpaper and lock screens, too.

If you want to be able to change all your icons on your Android, the easiest way is with a special kind of app called a launcher. This is an app that replaces the normal operating system of your Android with a different one that lets you do other things. Like change your icons. Once you’ve got a compatible launcher, you can pick icon sets that are often offered on Google Play for free—or design your own. Nova Launcher is a popular one that supports custom icons to help personalize your Android.

As with customization apps, launchers also let you easily change many other aspects of your phone’s appearance, like the wallpaper, lock screen, and more.


How do you keep your favorite LBD fresh and fun for every occasion? Accessories, of course! And you can do the same with your smartphone.

Which accessories are right for you depend on your personal style—and there are loads of them out there--but here are some suggestions.

First, the olloclip. It takes your phone’s basic lens and gives you four additional lenses so you can take better pictures. If you’ve ever thought your pics just didn’t capture a place or moment, then this is a great thing to try—you’ll love the new options.

Fitness trackers have been around for long enough now that the market has opened up. It’s no longer just a Fitbit or Jawbone—there are lots of options, and many of them have great styling. You can go for a minimalist option like those we already mentioned, or something flashier like the Misfit Shine or the Samsung Gear Fit, which has replacement bands in ten different colors.

Nothing’s worse than running out of power on your phone, right? So you need to have a charger, and there are many options you can choose from, such as the Qi wireless WoodPuck charger, which has a beautiful bamboo finish or perhaps a solar charger so you can keep your phone charged on a backpacking trip. There are also many awesome ideas on Pinterest to DIY customize your own charger!

You need headphones for when you’re out exercising (now that you’re being tracked, you have to make a good show of it, right?), so why not get some wireless Bluetooth ones? It’ll allow you to put your phone in a safe pocket and you won’t accidentally pull it out by the headphone cord.

And if you really want to share your tunes, a Bluetooth speaker is a must-have accessory. They’ve improved a lot, so now you can get really great sound out of some of them, and they can often play for 12 hours, so you can dance the whole night away.

If you’re ready to get started customizing your phone, a great first step would be a personalized phone case. Happy personalizing!